Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cloth Diapers Day 2

I purchased a lot of all-in-one cloth diapers from a Craig's list posting for $50. This was an answer to prayer regarding my contemplation of cloth diapering. The diapers are very nice and as easy to use as disposables. The package included 18 diapers, extra inserts, diaper cover wraps and some flushable liners. Dh gave his consent to the purchase and helped me set up a dry diaper pail.
So far, everything has went well. We had a leak after a 4 hour nap yesterday morning, but it could have been much worse and that was only the 2nd cloth diaper we had used :) So we are still learning. He slept in a disposable last night, but tonight we will use cloth and see what happens. I think that it will go ok cause he isn't a heavy wetter at night.

Course, this morning the dryer died. We knew that it was ill, but this morning when I went to turn it on, it flashed blue and the nob dropped off in my hand. That can't be good. Dh has already repaired this dryer multiple times (it is almost 10 years old). I am going to try to just get by without telling dh for as long as possible. Things like this tend to cause him anxiety. Hopefully spring will show up quickly and I will be able to hang clothes outside again. Then there will be no problem! Today, it is still very cold and the ground is muddy from all the rain that we have had. I think that slopping through mud to get to the clothes line might be I hung up the first load of clothes on hangers in the boy's bathroom and above the washing machine. After dh goes to work at noon I will do the same with the 2nd load. This evening, I will wash a load of diapers and hang them up in the morning when some of the other clothes are dry. I will make this work! They say that "where there is a will, there is a way".....we are just going to find the way!
And honestly it could be a lot worse. We have a working, almost new washing machine (it would be much worse to live without a washing machine!), running water (hot and cold), working heat (my mil's furnace was broke for over a week in bitterly cold weather while waiting for a replacement this week), plenty of food (scored great deals at Kroger yesterday) and disposable diapers if I have trouble keeping up with the laundry for a while. We are truly blessed indeed!

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