Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Salsa, that is :)

We have stayed busy canning and freezing the bounty from our garden. Over the weekend, while I was sick, we froze 24 bags of sweet corn and canned 13 quarts green beans and 5 pints pizza sauce. Yesterday, I cooked up a new salsa recipe. Boy, is it HOT! But really, really good. It only made 5 pints and we have already eaten 1. I will definately need to make some more of that. Today I am trying my hand at catsup. My mom always made it when I was growing up so I am confident that it will turn out.

I am using my crock-pot for doing most of the cooking down of the tomatoes for everything. I don't know why I didn't think of that before! I let the pizza sauce cook all night long and ended up with a fantastically thick sauce. I love it! Poor crock-pot is barely getting washed before it is being loaded up with tomatoes again :) I need to get started on spaghetti sauce soon. I won't be able to use the crock-pot for that unless I go get my mom's. So, I guess I will need to think that through.

I did a lot of housework today. Decluttered the desk some, but it still needs work. Straightened up the school stuff. Dh and I have agreed on a solution to some of the school work clutter. We are going to buy another pantry cabinet and a skinny bookshelf to put in the kitchen. The top of the pantry will be used for pantry stuff and the bottom will hold the boy's current book "drawers". The skinny bookshelf will hold all those books that find themselves living on the table, chairs, countertops, floor and barstools. There are many, and they reproduce while I am sleeping.....I swear they do! I doubt we will get the purchasing and installation done before we leave for FL but we have a plan.....with us that is the main part of the problem.

I still need to fold one load of laundry and finish the catsup. I hope I am not up late canning. Oh well, I have a 7-day library book that I need to read so I guess I can work on that while things are simmering...........Why, oh why do I check out 7-day library books?????

Have a great day!

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