Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soccer Saturday

It is Saturday, and the boys played Soccer.

But, I didn't stop by just to tell you that. Why did I stop by? Hmmmm......

We finished up canning for the week yesterday. We still have some stuff to do. When we are completely done I will post a list of what we did. So far I am counting 186 jars (not counting stuff that went into the freezer). That's a lot. We ran out of jars and had to borrow some from my mother-in-law.

Today, AFTER soccer, I did some cleaning up. Canning makes a huge mess and also makes me very tired so I am not as diligent about cleaning up my mess :) So, now it is mostly cleaned-up; except for the floor, but we are ignoring that for a few days (I never said I was the BEST housekeeper on the planet). LOL

I am going to get off here and post a reply to a question on Cindy Rusthon's blog about chore/housekeeping schedules. If you would like to read ALL the replies, not just mine, you can go HERE.

Have a great weekend!

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