Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just When I Thought I Was Done.....

My loving husband brought me home 5 buckets of apples!

I grumbled a little when he and the older boys brought them in, but then I remembered that this is God's provision for us. I was afraid that I wouldn't get ANY apples at all this year, and we have been blessed with 5 buckets! for FREE! Praise God!!!!

So Thursday I will be canning any beans that are living outside (I have been afraid to look), making and canning tomato soup and canning apple pie filling and apple juice. And freezing okra (I keep forgetting about that!). My wonderful husband and fabulous children will be helping me and we will make short work of it I am sure.

In other news..........
***Baby Norman learned how to clap
***Gregory has a mohawk and temporarily dyed his hair red and blue
***Leland is NORMAL - and 11 - enough said

As is typical for me, I am working through some things. I have been worried about whether or not my children are drawing closer to God in our study time of a morning. I really struggle with not wanting this to be a "chore" but a learning and loving time spent with God. Norman wants the kids and myself to use KJV, which works great for me, but after all these years I just wonder if the boys need a simpler version for their private reading time. I am going to broach the subject with Norman and see what he thinks. I want my children to LOVE God and spending time with him.

I have a review that needs done and I need to finish some sewing for my mother-in-law. Those 2 things should be done by tomorrow evening. Then I need to clear off the kitchen cabinets to prepare for Thursday's doings. I am thankful for all of our harvest and God's bountiful provision, but I will be very glad when it is all put away in the cabinets and freezer :)

Have a wonderful evening!

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