Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fall Talk-A-Latte Line-up

Cindy Rushton's fall Talk-A-Latte season is getting ready to start with a big BANG! I am so excited to see so many wonderful seminars coming up.

September 12-13–A Simple Journey to Debt Free Living
October 10-11–Training Sons…Training Daughters
November 7-8–Let’s Make a Memory
December 12-13–A Crash Course on Spiritual Warfare!
PLUS! Our first students class! Creation Science Class with Felice Gerwitz

As you can see, the classes are starting SOON! You don't want to miss any of these great seminars, but I absolutely know how finances are.....we are still saving for that trip to Orlando! Anyway, I would recommend A Simple Journey to Debt Free Living, if I had to pick only one. You can register for it HERE. If you are like me and can't wait to get ALL of these fabulous seminars into your IPod, then click HERE for a ticket to the whole series of seminars.

These seminars are GREAT! I am still listening to the seminars from the Ultimate Homeschool Expo! The way that these seminars are set up, you can listen LIVE from your computer - in your own house, in your pjs if you want. There is a member site, where Cindy posts loads of great goodies (ebooks, articles and bonus audios) that are only available to those who have a ticket. All the links to the speakers and any free gifts that they are giving away are there also. Then, you can download the audios into your Ipod (mp3 player) and listen away to your heart's content. The BEST part is that EVERYTHING stays on the website, forever, and you can access it at any time that you need/want it. It is the conference that just keeps on giving! I have been blessed beyond measure by these seminars and know that you will be too.

The money that I spend on these seminars is worth every dime - and the price doesn't even come close to their beginning value - not to mention the loads of freebies that you always get with the membership site. Everytime I plug in my IPod I am blessed again by the wisdom and encouragement of other homeschool moms. They are right there with me, sharing my struggles and burdens as we walk this road together. All the topics are relevant, timely and God uses them to encourage me in so many different ways. I encourage you to give them a try and see how God uses these wonderful seminars to bless your life!

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