Saturday, September 22, 2007

Whats going on around here

Good afternoon!

I have been online for over an hour searching/seeking/perusing dress patterns. The sewing bug has bitten me again. I am definately needing some new dresses. I am having a "creative attack"....I am feeling a great desire to create something. Maybe with payday coming soon I will have some money to order a couple new patterns and purchase some material. I could use a new dress or 2 that has nursing accesses. I was looking at the patterns HERE. The patterns are soooo very cute. I am just begging to sew up a few from various patterns.

I think that I will go knit something this afternoon. I have 1 sock of a pattern done and I really need to finish the other :) 1 sock takes me about 6 hours I think, but course, I never have 6 continuous hours.....I usually finish one in a week if I apply myself. I also have a Christmas gift started that I really should finish before baby comes.

Gregory has a hat that needs a stitch put in to fix the back band so I will try to get that done as well.

Sadie (the cute little black cocker spaniel) is laying at my feet snoring. She had a busy, tiring day today. She went to the soccer games with us this morning. It is a lot of work sitting next to mom getting petted by all the kids that think she is "soooooo cute" :) LOL So now she is resting. It is a lot of work being cute I guess. It definately gives her a big head :)

I have a chicken that I cooked in the crock-pot this a.m. that I need to pick off the bones and 2 loads of laundry to fold. Then I need to prep my lesson for youth group tomorrow night. It is still very hot here, but at least today the wind is blowing. Mr. Weather Guy says that it should cool off next week, unless he has changed his mind :) I am looking forward to some more cool fall weather. The boys painted 2 little pumpkins today so I guess that it is officially fall. I am going to find the kitchen table and use them as centerpieces :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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