Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday To-Do List

It looks like I accomplished everything on yesterday's list. I did cut out one of the pieces for the diaper bag. I think that it will be easy to sew together, but I hate cutting out the pieces and then I will have to find the sewing tends to get buried with lack of use :) The UPS man brought some books that I had ordered from Rainbow Resource so I was easily sidetracked. Lee is having some trouble with Spelling. We have been using Spelling Power and Greg may continue with that, but Lee needed something different so I ordered A Reason for Spelling. From looking at the book, I think that it will be a perfect fit! I ordered book B but I am sure that we will zip through it pretty quick and begin work on book C sometime in the spring. I am going to give Greg the option of switching over or staying with Spelling Power. He would also be using Book B, but probably at the normal pace. I also ordered some math workbooks from Mindware. The title were Addition Adventures, Subtraction Adventures, Multiplication Mosaics and More Multliplication Mosaics. Greg already did one of the activites. They are going to be a hit too. I didn't work on the baby bib. I was watching TV in bed and fell asleep sometime after 8. I guess that I was tired. Today is a busy day with doctor's appointments and all that so I don't imagine I will get any housework done today. I am so thankful that I had the energy to do a lot of it earlier this week.

Showered and dressed (done)
Bible study (done)
Take TV to repair shop
My doctor's appt.
Norman's doctor's appt.
Spend the afternoon at mil's house

Have a wonderful day!!!!


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