Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday's To-Do List

I am so very pleased with myself cause even though I was suffering through a major case of the grumpies I accomplished everything on yesterday's list PLUS I vaccumed the living room and master bedroom :) I also wanted to mention that Dh and I (mainly dh) put together the new crib Thursday afternoon, so the master bedroom is completely ready for the baby :) I am very excited and relieved about that. On Tuesday's I don't HAVE to go anywhere so I am hoping to accomplish more homemaking and handworking :)

Get showered and dressed (after I get done here)
Bible study
Laundry (probably 2 loads)
lunch prep/lunch/lunch clean-up (I don't know yet what is on the menu)
finish decluttering living room (I have dh's end table left - it is the worst)
declutter the master bath and sweep in there
work on diaper bag (I am adapting a purse pattern for a diaper bag, we will see how it goes)
work on baby bib (if there is time)
supper prep/supper/clean-up (probably sandwiches again)

I think that is all that I will have time for. I hope to get all of this accomplished and then my list will be down by almost half :) YEAH!!!!! Course I am already thinking of new things for a new list, but that's alright. I am taking it one day at a time. I have a doctor's appt. in the morning so I probably won't post a list or update. I will do that on Thursday. Have a great, blessed, Lord-filled day!


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