Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday's to-do list

I tend to feel overwhelmed on Monday's. The nesting instinict is in full force and my house is a disaster so that isn't helping things. Here are the things that I hope to accomplish today:

Bible study (done)
School (working on it- they are reading right now)
laundry (one load on the line, one in the washer)
sweep and pick-up the kitchen
declutter living room (this may take a few times)
dust master bedroom
lunch (some kind of steak with some kind of potatoes)
lunch cleanup
fold and put away laundry
supper and clean-up (usually sandwiches on the run)

I will try to post in the morning so that I can be accountable for how I did and also to post tomorrow's list. I have several projects that need to be done before baby gets here and I am hoping that the accountability will help get the projects done!


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