Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What we have been up to lately

I feel badly for my few readers cause most of my blog posts have been about the baby or baby related items. I am sure that most of you are sick of hearing about it. I will admit that since conception this baby has been an all-consuming passion of mine. I have been over-preparing ever since LOL. I don't know what I will do with myself once he finally gets here.

Anyway, there is life going on here that doesn't really have anything to do with the baby. Although I will say that I am getting fat and he is getting heavy.....all of a sudden my belly popped and he is all out front LOL

School is going nicely. I get the boys up at 8 and they eat breakfast while I read from the New testament and Old Testament (Sonlight scheduled readings). Then we work on character studies that I took from the Plants Grown Up Book from Doorposts. The boys are required to work on 1 memory verse and 1 "project" at a time. Lee is really wanting to do the memory work and no projects but I am refusing to let him select a new verse until he does a project :) I am a horribly mean mother, I know. We are also memorizing Psalm 8 together and I am working on Proverbs 31:10-31 personally. Then they go brush teeth, get dressed and pick up their bedrooms. "School" starts at 9. They are allowed to work on subjects in whatever order they please and it varies every day. More often then not, Lee chooses to read first and that really warms my "Mommy heart". Until this year he hated to read. I confess that I am paying them $1 for every 100 pages that they read independently, but whatever it takes right??? We stop for lunch at 11. Greg is almost always done. Lee is almost never done. He really is a dawdler....we are working on that. At 1:30 Norman goes to work and we do science, history and read alouds (Sonlight again). That usually takes until around 3 and then sometimes I require that Lee finish up his assignments depending on the amount of dawdling involved in the delay that day. The routine is working well for us and I am so glad that I choose Sonlight this year. I am convinced that if I was putting stuff together on my own again that I would be a basket-case by now.

Norman bought a trampoline and a 51 inch TV. So far this summer he has bought 2 dirt bikes (for the boys) and the corresponding paraphenalia (helmets, goggles and gloves). Now the trampoline and this huge TV that is taking up half of my front living room wall. I will admit that it is impressive even if it is HUGE and kinda tacky looking. That's alright. He is very pleased with himself and I know that he (and probably the boys) will get much enjoyment out of it. I am watching the History Channel right now.....the cars and people's heads are very large on this TV. My little dog is afraid of it LOL

So now the living room is in shambles until Norman has some time to help me rearrange furniture. I could probably move it myself but I can hear everyone I know throwing a fit when they find out that I did it......especially Norman......man would I be in trouble. We will see how long I can stand it like this.......

I am working on cleaning carpet spots made by my little dog Sadie. Sometimes we over-estimate the amount of time we can leave her home alone :) I got some great cleaner from Walmart that seems to be taking up the "set-in" stains and I am sure that if I keep it on hand for "when it happens" then things will be a lot easier.

I am working on a bib for the baby.......sorry, this isn't a post about the baby is it? Anyway, it is almost done. I decided that I wasn't going to knit a baby blanket cause I have already recieved one (from Norman's grandmother) and I know that my mom is making one.....probably my grandmother too. I made some little knitted hats this spring and some cotton/flannel receiving blankets and now the bib so I can be content that he isn't being neglected by his mother.

My bedroom is also in shambles cause the old TV and entertainment center is going in there. I guess that it is good that we don't have the crib up yet :) I am hoping to get it soon though.

In the evenings the boys and I have been doing Bible speed drills. I call out a verse and they see who can look it up the fastest. Lee is faster, but he lets Greg win sometimes which keeps everyone happy. I am thrilled that they thought this up themselves. It is wonderful to have this activity to end our days together.

Taekwondo is going good. We had several classes off for Labor Day and that was wonderful. I sometimes forget how nice it is to stay at home in the evenings :)

I guess that is all that is going on around here. If you want to know what is up with my spiritually see my post below. I can't promise that the next few posts won't be about baby but I will try to do better in the future :)


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