Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Implementing Romans 12

Our Sunday morning speaker presented a message that was taken from Romans 5 and Romans 12. It was a wonderful message about the Holy Spirit and the hope that he brings to our lives through Jesus. While scanning the rest of the Romans 12 text I decided to study further this week.

I took 3 pages of notes yesterday while reading/studying. I don't intend to share them because I am sure that they don't make sense to anyone but me :) I will however share some ways that I am going to try to implement Romans 12 in my life. These are convictions that I feel God has placed on me, after much prayer. I encourage you to study Romans 12 and see what plans God has for you!

1. My body is a living sacrifice
A. I need to eat nutritious foods in moderation
B. I need to exercise or at least stretch out daily

2. Be not conformed to this world
A. Study topics that I need clarified (partial list: modesty, prophecy, laziness and gossip)
B. form my own beliefs about those studied topics
C. follow those beliefs
****Stay in God's word everyday****

3. Pray about and follow God's leading regarding my gifts (I am sharing what I believe my gifts to be at this point.....I am open to following God's leading in this area though)
A. encouragement (send at least 1 card to someone that God places on my heart each week)
B. teaching (develop my 5 fat files, starting with the above mentioned studies)
C. singing (prepare 1 song a month and SING it at worship services)

4. Work on laziness (at home and elsewhere) - keep my eyes open to ways I can serve God's kingdom

5. Pray constantly

6. Be willing to open my home to others - to do this I must be prepared! I don't expect my home to be spotless or a showplace, but it needs to be moderately clean and I need to be prepared at a moments notice for guests. This also returns to my need to overcome my laziness!

7. Avoid arguing at all cost - be humble in all situations

This is what I am learning. I will probably reread Romans 12 at least once this week. I am praying that God will continue to work on me and in my life. I know that there is much to do - this is just a starting point!!!!!

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