Tuesday, October 24, 2006


What a beautiful fall day it is!!!!! I am so glad that we live where the season change. Although I joke about it, I think that I would get tired of living somewhere that was warm all the time. Remember that I said that this winter :)

Today has been very good. We began a unit on orderliness this morning. I am in as much need of this as the boys are. I am not an orderly person. I tend to micro-organize....one shelf or cabinet will be perfect while the rest of the room is a disaster. I have tried every program available, but the truth is....I am lazy. So I am working on that and my attitude toward the work that needs to be done. I find that I am much more peaceful when I don't try to rush everything.....and everything seems to get done anyway :) What a blessing!!!! God is so gracious to provide just what we need. We finished our laundry and got everything put away, the kitchen is clean and the boys went to their cousin's house to play for a while.....I am alone...and should really be knitting :) But I will get to that in a minute.

I just had a bowl of my new favorite thing.......sugar-free chocolate pudding and sugar-free Cool Whip. What a delight it is to a woman who craves chocolate and sweets and hasn't had any since Thursday (with the exception of fruit, but that doesn't really count to a choco-holic). I might be able to handle this diet after all......

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