Tuesday, October 03, 2006


On Tuesday's we are usually able to stay home all day. Today was no exception. I decided to clean the house, which I do occassionally....contrary to popular belief.....It really isn't my fault that nobody is ever there to see it.

I got up around 6.....did my bible study (I finished Leviticus) and then walked with Sadie for about a mile. Came home, checked email, talked on the phone to S.A. and then bathed Sadie. Started laundry then bathed myself :)

Hung out laundry and woke up boys. It was about 8:30. They finally go through with breakfast/dressed/teeth brushed and we started school. Finished Latin, Bible, Reading/Phonics, Handwriting, Writing, and Math by 11.

I hung out the rest of the laundry (2 more loads) and started lunch (baked chicken and rice with corn). C.B. arrived here on the bus from school (I babysit him). I cleaned the playroom while Norman helped the boys carve pumpkins. We all sat down and ate lunch. Got Norman off to work and C.B. laid down to rest while the boys and I worked through History (Ancient Egypt) and Science (Oceans).

I cleaned the boys bathroom, vaccummed the hallway and living room and swept the kitchen. C.B. killed a spider....with his shoe.....we had to "high 5" after that. Spiders are scary you know! Anyway, his grandmother came and got him about 3:30.

I folded laundry while the boys put it away. The boys worked on their speeches for a few minutes and are now outside playing. They had sandwiches for supper. I had leftover red beans and rice and popcorn for supper......nutritious I know. We are going to start some evening reading this evening and I plan to knit for a while....gotta get to work on the rest of those shawls for Aunt B.

Tomorrow I am going to take Uncle L. shopping. I am hoping and praying that I am not as busy tomorrow....I am soooo tired :)

Have a good evening :)

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