Monday, October 16, 2006

Stocking Up

This seems to be a common theme in the blog-o-sphere this week. I have to admit that I have felt the urge as well. But I wonder....why doesn't this urge hit in the spring when I could plant a huge garden??? I worry and stew all winter long but come May....I forget.....I know that I am lazy, but my mind needs to overcome my will and just do it.

Since I don't have a big garden to bring in, I will have to resort to what the stores have to offer. We stocked up on veggies a couple of weeks ago.....4 cases of various kinds. We got our 1/4 of beef so the freezer is stuffed. Flour looks good, but I will need to get a hold of several bags of sugar. We could probably do without, in an emergency, but that would only make a bad situation worse. I need to go through my first-aid drawer and see what needs replenishing....and the medicine cabinet. Like my mother, I tend to assume that there will be a big snow/ice storm mid winter. I always aim to be prepared to not leave the house for at least 2 weeks. Now, mind you, this hasn't happened since 1978 (I was an infant) and even then my dad was able to get to the store, but doesn't hurt to be prepared. And there is always North Korea and their nuclear situation to consider.

I am wanting to get some more material for some jumpers that I want to make myself this winter. Mom and I will be going on our annual shopping trip soon and that will probably be a major purchase then. I am also getting ready to order some books for winter reading and some camoflauge yarn for some scarves for the boys. With my other projects, I am definately going to busy until at least Christmas.

I have been hoping to convice dh of our need for a generator, but he isn't as paranoid as I am :) We have a totally electric house so in the event of a power outage...we are done. Moving to my mom's house :) But I am trying not to dwell on that.

So, my thoughts this week are on stocking about you?

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