Monday, October 16, 2006

Puttering around the house

I've been busy this a.m.
I cleaned and redecorated the tops of my main kitchen cabinets. I lined up my tea pots and added some 8 by 10 photos to the top. It looks soooo cute :) I wish that I could take a pic and show you :)

I am working on laundry. The kids are done with school. Talked to Aunt B and found out that she wants me to use something called Fray check on the ends of my I am getting ready to order some of that. Declutted the kitchen and dining room, but now we have had lunch so it is a mess again. Gotta get to work on that I guess.

CB is here and I will be picking up SC at school in a while. Then we will be running to Walmart and then to taekwondo. This in the only class this week so I am doing the happy dance. It is always great to have a week off from the continual trips to town.....don't tell my instructor though :)

I hope to have some time to knit when I get home. I guess that I will try to get some socks on needles for Aunt B. while I am waiting for the Fray Check to get here. So many projects.......

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Your family picture is very nice. I couldn't get any other pictures to come up.

Wow you sound like a busy mom needing a chocolate brake! Throw in a vacation while your at it!

I will have to visit you site more often it has a lot of encouraging info.

Quilt stands- Would you think wood with two hearts (not noticable)on the sides would be to "girlly" for a boys room?