Friday, December 17, 2010

A Penny for My Thoughts.....

I doubt that they are worth a penny though :)

I've been baking, a lot.  With 3 hungry boys and a growing dh I can't seem to keep snacky type things in this house.  LOL  Almost everyday, Cooker Bear and I mix something up.  Bear loves to cook.  I think it is mostly the mixing/pouring aspect but that's ok.  I suppose that there is some form of educational value in there somewhere but for the most part he thinks it is fun and it keeps him busy for a minute.  He is always so proud when Daddy complements him on his cooking.  Ever humble though, he always shares the credit with me or whoever else helped.  Such a sweet little fellow.

I finished the big project I've been working on lately.  A tied, orange and blue quilt, ordered by a friend as a Christmas gift.  Dh delivered it today.  I have a stockpile of dishcloths for sale and a hat or I decided to knit something fun.  I came across a pattern for a knitted cell phone case.  Cute as a button and made out of sock yarn.  Using up a little bit that was left over after a pair of socks came off needles, it looks fantastic.  I think I can use the pattern and more little bits to make me and Abby some headbands.  I love sock yarn and there are always bits left after a pair comes off the needles so this is a fantastic way to use it. 

Currently, I am using a twin sized flat sheet as a tablecloth.  With all the leaves in my table (and it makes it seat a "roomy" 6) none of my other tablecloths fit and it isn't a "standard" size.  So I ironed some fabric to make a tablecloth.  I am going with a 9-patch pattern of my own design.  We will see how it turns out. 

A new book I am gaining much inspiration from is Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Giving: Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends.  My favorite project from the book is a ruffled shower curtain.  Marie does it in pinks and black.  I can't imagine all the testosterone that lives here going for those colors but I might try something in blues or greens.  I love it :) 

I am looking forward to the New Year.  Many changes are before us, but I am at peace with all of them and ready to embrace our future.  We are together and happy, that is all that really matters!  Stay warm, my friends!!!!!

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