Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Book Review - Tandem by Tracey Bateman

As a new Blogging for Books reviewer I was so excited to get my first book, read and review it.  In my house, nothing ever goes like planned.  I read through the list of available books and then was called away from the computer.  When I came back the next day I didn't reread the book descriptions, I went from memory, which is never a good thing with me.

I received my book and was excited to get started reading while Abby took her afternoon bottle.  After the 2nd chapter I had figured out it was a vampire novel.  Bleh!  I am not a big fan of vampire love stories, but I did love Anne Rice as a teenager so I decided to keep plowing ahead and hope for the best.  After the 4th chapter I couldn't put it down.

Somehow the author manages to weave vampires, a saucy mystery, a romance (not with the vampires so much) and a little Christianity into one book.  Tandem seems to be the 2nd book of a series (Thirsty being the first) but it can absolutely be read alone.  I fell in love with the main character, struggling to find her own identity while caring for her ailing father.  I empathized with the main vampire character even if she did appear to be a little stuck up at times.  Several of the other characters surprised me, so I'm not giving away the story :) 

If you want to read a little on your own you can see the first chapter HERE.  Although I will try to choose my books selections more carefully in the future, this was a pleasant surprise.

DISCLAIMER *****I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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