Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

A little late, but better than never, I suppose.

We have had a wonderful holiday here, celebrating the birth of our Saviour.  Norman and I always try to keep the focus on the real reason for the holiday and again this year I was reminded often of why we were celebrating.

Sunday evening we met with a group from church and went Christmas caroling.  I love to Christmas carol.  I always feel so blessed afterwards.  There was snow on the ground and flurries in the air making the atmosphere just perfect.  We ended the evening with pizza at Joe's in Newton.  I love their new addition.  The fireplace is delightful!!!

Monday evening, I fixed a dinner for Norman's mom, sister and her family and cousins.  It was nice to have the house packed with people.  I carefully dressed the table and used the good dishes.  It was somewhat embarassing to discover that we only own 4 butter knives.  LOL  So we shared, we were only using them for butter anyway. 

Wednesday evening we gathered up our crew, plus a spare, and met some friends at McDonald's for supper.  Afterwards we visited the park in Olney for the light display and the little ones were able to sit on Santa's lap.  It was very nice.  I love to look at the lights through the eyes of a 3 year old.  Bear was enchanted to see all his favorite characters all lit up in the park.  I think he met some new ones as well.  I have very fond memories of driving through that park during the Christmas season.

Thursday we braved the crowds and made a trip to town for movie rentals and last minute shopping at Walmart.  By that, I mean, the boys got gift cards from Grammy that were burning a whole in their pockets.  LOL

Friday we celebrated Christmas here as a family.  Norman was off work and we decided to do gifts on that day so we would have the whole day to spend together.  Norman blessed me with a cricut.  I enjoyed the 2+ hours that I was able to scrapbook but was depressed to realize how far behind I am!  I wonder if I will ever get to Abby's pictures??  The rest of the day was spent with games and Rock Band.  Too bad I've had a cold for a week and couldn't sing.

On Saturday, the boys and I stayed home while Norman went to work.  Normally we would have went to be with my parents or grandparents, but I just didn't feel that we would be welcome this year and didn't want to deal with the stress.  Christmas shouldn't be a time of family strife, so I proposed to make it stress-free, for my family at least.  The boys and I tried to build gingerbread houses (an epic failure) and then spent the rest of the day playing Xbox and watching movies.  When Norman came home from work he showed us all how to be gingerbread house architects.  LOL  Another movie and we concluded the day in bed. 

Today (Sunday), the boys and I are lazying around the house again.  Norman deemed the roads slick on his way to work so I didn't chance getting all of us to church.  I have really enjoyed spending so much time with my boys.  Normally we would all be doing our own thing in separate rooms, but for this weekend at least, we have made an effort to be together and enjoy things together.  I feel very blessed by that. 

I will be honest, and admit that at times loneliness has crept in.  I don't understand why members of my family have chosen to treat me the way they have.  I don't understand why they do the things that they do.  It makes me sad that I wasn't a part of the hustle and bustle (but don't miss the stress!!!!) of the family gatherings this year.  I realize that I don't get to make choices for other people.  They make their own decisions and choices, the words that they speak and the things that they do are their own.....yes, those choices frequently affect me and my family, but I refuse to let that get me down.  New traditions are being made.  Love was shared.  Christ is remembered.

I hope that all of my readers and friends have had a wonderful Christmas, regardless of the circumstances you find yourselves in.  Here, we are looking forward to a wonderful New Year......every day, week, month and year is a gift from God and I intend to use it to its fullest potential :)

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