Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm waiting on Greg to get up (he is not a morning person) so decided to update on school around here.

*knows all his shapes and colors
*knows most body parts
*is familiar with positional words and directions
*learning left from right
*learning letters A-F
*he can count to 20, but we are working on number recognition
*basic addition (he understands 1+1, 1+2, etc)
*he has most of his favorite storybooks completely memorized and can "read" them to you.  He is getting new books for Christmas.  I hid all the early readers so I would have something new he could read while learning phonics otherwise I won't know if he is reading or reciting.  LOL

We finished up modern American history.  I love American history.  We started ancient history.  I hate ancient history.  We are using Diana Waring's new series available through Answers in Genesis.  She makes history interesting and even I am not bored.  Right now Greg is enthralled with Louis Lamour books.  Our library card expired so that is a problem, but he is reading from our extensive stash of historical fiction and biographies...the stuff he really likes.  Right now he is reading Davy Crockett's autobiography.  He says it is very good.  Math, language arts, spelling, and handwriting are going well.  We are reading Men of Science, Men of God for science and Minn of Mississippi as our read-aloud so that is covering science.  Diana Waring has science topics woven through her curriculum so after the new year we will pull some stuff from there as well rather than do science separately.

I guess that is about it.  Everything is going well.  After so many years of homeschooling we finally have a good routine and so everything just kinda gets done.  There are crazy days and days when it takes longer than others but for the most part everything is fairly stress free. 

Now Greg is late getting up so I get to go be the bad mom.  LOL  Have a great day!

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