Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

Their were deals to be had in town yesterday. I posted the pictures on my facebook account, but here is the run-down on what we got and what we paid. Saving money is FUN!

Items bought:
10 bags of Kraft shredded cheese
10 blocks of kraft cheese
5 64 oz. bottles of Welches grape juice
18 Hormel complete meals
2 bottles Vitamin water
6 jars Ragu spaghetti sauce
2 jars skippy peanut butter
10 bags quaker rice snacks
26 tubes colgate toothpaste
1 case Luvs diapers
1 20 oz Pepsi (dh was thirsty)
1 Burt's Bees lip gloss (for my mom)
Total Cost of all items (at sale prices): $129.21
We used 67 coupons total.
We shopped at Walgreens, KMart (double coupons this week) and Krogers (mega sale) today. We have also been working all week getting fabulous deals at Walgreens on Ragu, Skippy peanut butter and Pepsi. We didn't get a picture or total on those deals because they were all done over several days, but we have gotten a lot of stuff for almost no money!

In case you wonder what I will fix with all of this mismatched food, don't worry! We have been shopping this way for 18 months now and have managed to stay stocked up on various items at various times. I will try to post my menu plan on Monday.
My total grocery budget for this pay-period (2 weeks) was $150. I spent $74 last week and $55.21 this week for a total of $129.21 - below budget. WooHoo!!!!

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