Monday, January 12, 2009


If you haven't heard about this new law yet, I am pretty sure that you are living in a bubble (or very, very busy!!!!) but this law was passed last year to ensure that products sold to or for children didn't contain lead. It really is a good IDEA, but this law has been very badly worded.

At first it was believed that this law would prohibit resale shops selling children's clothing but I recently read an amendment that seemed to be working towards changing that. I didn't exactly understand what the rule would be for resale shops and I hope that they word it so that it doesn't cause any problems in that arena.

However, many, many small homeschool businesses are being forced to close up shop. I have received 2 emails today; 1 from Homeschool Radio Show and 1 from Hands and Hearts saying that they will be discounting and discontinuing their products due to this law. I imagine that there are others.

I have happily ordered several times from Hands and Hearts and it makes me sick that their history kits will no longer be available.

For a complete overview of the law, its ramifications for small businesses and what you can do to help you can go HERE.

Also, Hands and Hearts History Discovery Kits are only going to be available while supplies last so if you were wanting something from them please don't hesitate to grab it up now. The Estes family has been such a blessing to me and I am hoping to send some business their way. Their products are GREAT!

I will try to update on any changes about this law. I am sorry that I hadn't posted earlier. We have been busy!

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Jeff said...

Many thanks for you kind words and for spreading the news about the CSPIA.

All the best,
Jeff Estes
Hands and Hearts