Friday, January 02, 2009

Kids Wealth

Teaching Kids to Spend Less, Invest, Live Their Best and Help the Rest

Are you looking for a complete program that will teach your children money management and the skills that are needed to do it? I have just what you are looking for!

Kid's Wealth is a complete (very complete) program for ages 4-12 that teaches basic money management and the mathematical skills required for budgeting. The Kid's Wealth money kit includes EVERYTHING you need to teach your children how to handle their money. All components are contained in an expandable file. Each month (or payday - whenever) you child distributes his money into different durable vinyl "wallets". They are labeled wealth (savings), learning, plan (long-term purchases), fun and angel (charitable giving). Also included in the file are stickers, a calendar, kid's guide, parents guide, calculator, and pencils. I told you that everything was included!!!!! The money kits come in 2 colors (blue and purple) and are available for $39.95.

For additional learning opportunities, might I suggest the Kid's Wealth Tracker Books? These workbooks are supplements to the main program. The workbooks are age appropriate and include games and activities that will help children learn the mathmatical concepts behind budgeting and how to track and plan for their money. The books are colorful and well laid out. I can't imagine using the program without them! They are available for $7.95 each.

I have looked at many different budgeting program for children. Some are similar to Kid's Wealth, but I haven't ever seen such a complete program! All of the components are made from quality materials to last your children for a long time. At our house, we look forward to watching our money grow!

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