Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick Catch-Up

It seems that I am always checking email while holding baby bear and that makes it very difficult to post to my blog. He is sleeping in his swing right now so here goes a quick update about the goings on around here!

We started school back up last Monday. It went well and the older boys adjusted to the new schedule and routine well. We are starting earlier; 7 a.m. up and breakfast and devotions. That also means that most of the time they are getting done earlier in the a.m. for lunch break. If not, at least we can get stuff done before lunch. Baby bear is adapting to not being the center of attention :)

Baby bear and Greg both have colds. This makes Bear very grouchy :) And he sleeps a lot. I find it ironic that he would be irritable when we restart school. I am learning patience!!!!

I have been keeping up with the housework pretty well, but if you miss a day it all goes downhill. I have some catchup to do tomorrow. I am usually home all day on Tuesday, but Baby bear is scheduled to have his 2 month shots tomorrow. I scheduled it for around lunch time so that it wouldn't interfere with school. I hope the shots don't make him more irritable than he already is.

I guess that is all here for now. I will try to be more diligent in posting :)

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LYNN said...

I know what you mean about holding your little one while checking email. lol My baby boy seems to want to be held a lot! It is hard to put him down sometimes, but honestly I have to just lie him down, and run to do something quick.