Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Planning and other Happenings

My mind has been making plans. Normally that is very scary. I have yet to decide if it is this time.

I think that I have most of the plans for the garden ready. I know what seeds/plants I am ordering from Burpee and when I need to place the orders. I have the whole shebang broke down into 4 separate orders to make it easier on my budget. We are going to try okra this year! I also need to set up (and use) a gardening notebook so that I have a record of sucesses and failures. So far we have been muddling along with my memory and that just isn't working. LOL

I have a list, somewhere, of knitting projects that I want to complete by the end of the year. I hope that I haven't lost that list. (((sigh))) I got my new Knit Picks catalog yesterday and have about 4 more projects that will probably need to be added to that list. I need to start saving some yarn money. I also got my new Connecting Threads catalog. There is some fantastic fabric in there that would make a wonderful jumper (or 2 or 3). Their fabric is reasonably priced so I guess that I need to save some fabric money.

I am also thinking of making some new curtains for the living room, a tablecloth (or table quilt) for the dining room table, some placemats and maybe, just maybe quilts for my bed and the boys. I made a quilt 9 years ago for Lee (it was tied rather than quilted) and it finally gave up the ghost this year and had to be discarded (so sad). I need to get some quilts made for my boys!

I think that is all right now. My mind is just a whirring and there aren't enough hours in the day!!!!!

Here's to creative planning!


Tilly said...

Oooh! I loved reading your plans...I'm trying to keep my lists to a minimum of necessities until after we move and our son is born...but that I think is the limit of my self control! :)
~Tilly (from Peggy's group)

pastel.maiden said...

Dear Carie, I'm really enjoying your blog. I logged on after you sent me a lovely welcoming message to the Simple Woman group and shared this link. I am going to get in touch with you in a day or two, as I think we have a lot in common (think TEA!...;-)
In the meantime, have a blessed weekend.
Hugs and blessings,