Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Living, Loving and Learning in 2008

Welcome 2008!!!!

We had a lovely time last night (and early this a.m.) at a friend's house bringing in the new year with our dearest friends. We had a wonderful time and are bumming around the house today recuperating.

As of today we are LIVING in 2008. I want to spend this year LOVING my family and friends. I also want to LOVE others as Jesus loves. LOVE isn't only an emotional feeling....LOVE is an action. God wants us to show LOVE to everyone we meet. That is one of my goals for 2008. We will also be LEARNING in 2008. LEARNING about God and His will for our lives. LEARNING in our school subjects, new hobbies and about those around us. We are excited to be LIVING for God, LOVING for God and LEARNING about God in 2008! I hope that you will decide to make that one of your top priorities this year as well :)

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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