Saturday, January 05, 2008

Knitting Again

I have been waiting to say this for quite a while..............I am knitting again!

Somewhere along the line this summer I lost all desire to create. I guess that creating a new little life inside of me was enough! So I have been anxiously waiting for the desire to knit or sew to return and it has. With a vengence! I just finished the cutest little knitted hat for a friend of dh's whose wife is having a baby girl. I made it white with a baby pink drawstring tie along the top. It turned out so sweet!

On the sewing front.....I have a million ideas in my head that want to come OUT! I have some cordouroy for a jumper that I think I will try to get made up within the next week or so. I have made the pattern before, but I am wanting to play with it a little bit.

I wish that I could post pictures. Dh is thinking of getting us wireless internet. That would be such a blessing! Then I could post some pictures!

Creative blessings to you!

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