Wednesday, June 17, 2009

School Organization

Sooooo, I have finally wrapped my mind around the fact that Lee won't be here for school this fall. But, just because I am losing one doesn't mean that I have any less work to do! LOL

Anyway, I need to get stuff organized. I am trying to set up a planner for me and an assignment book for Greg. I am also trying to get activities organized for Bear. He will be 2 this fall and I think he is ready for some more guided learning stuff. I am going to try to get several activities set up in small boxes or bags so that we can get out one at a time. Maybe we will try to do 2 a day or so. I think that I will start with him a week before "school" starts so that he is in the routine.

I need to go through school stuff and see what we have that we haven't used in a while. You never know what you will find stuck on a shelf around here. LOL

Otherwise there isn't much going on. 4-H projects are mainly done. Greg doesn't like to bake chocolate chip much effort and they are gone so he knows how I feel :) Tomorrow Greg takes his cooking project and Lee takes his forestry project to judging. Greg will take his rabbit on Saturday. Then we are done with that for a while.

The rain here has been abundant. I haven't even been out to the mud-pit.....sorry, garden, in several days. We still haven't planted green beans or sweet corn. I also need to replant pumpkins, cucumbers and spaghetti squash. But I would sink if I was out that today.

I am still walking like a crazy woman :) I am up to 3 miles at a time. I have lost 21 lbs. so far. I definately feel better!

So, that is what is new with us. If I decide on a planner set up or get everything organized I will let you know! LOL

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Sheri said...

Hey girl--say, don't forget you have the TOS planner-that may offer up some forms you can use.

Great to hear your walking is helping-I walk about 2.5 miles every other day-but it has been wearing on my knee so bad-had to start physical therapy to see if it helps (too fresh to really know) -it also is good for one's mind (the walking) I find I can get a lot of thoughts pondered, prayers said and just clear the old noggin. Glad to hear your son is set and ready to do PS. It will be a big transition-so hang tight. Have a great weekend ahead and hope you can get to your mud pit to check on things! LOL