Friday, June 05, 2009

Current Events Around Home

Have you ever seen Mary Jane's Farm Magazine? This is the cutest magazine. It is girly, but practical. This issue showcased plums....from how to grow them to cooking with them. Makes me want to plant a bunch right now :) It is a magazine for the farmgirl in all of, gardening tips, craft ideas and home decorating. Everything is in here! I love it and am still drooling over my issue. It was the first but won't be the last!

How does my garden grow? Well, the hail Tuesday didn't help it any, but upon inspection this morning I think it will live. Actually the potatoes look fantastic. Only 1 cucumber is up and no pumpkins yet. I may go out and replant them tomorrow rather than wait.....the planting season is growing late. I pulled all of my red onions...there was only a handful. I don't know why we can't ever get a good stand on onions. Everything else looked ok. My flower beds look so pretty this year. I planted several perrenials so hopefully it is continue to look pretty for years to come. I need to get some more things to put in my hanging basket....the hail was hard on my wave petunias.

Otherwise, laundry is on the line. The guys are going fishing today so Bear and I are going to shower and then head to JCPenneys for a sale. We will probably end up at Menards and maybe Walmart for some beautiful fabric I saw yesterday.

Have a wonderful weekend girls!

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