Sunday, May 31, 2009

How I Homeschool - Ebook

by The Old Schoolhouse

Have you ever wondered how other homeschoolers arrange their days and fit everything in? I do all the time! How I Homeschool takes a close look as 12 families share about their homeschooling journeys.

Each family is different and in different situations. It is amazing to me how many different ways there are to schedule a day! Finding what works for your family is the key, but it sure is nice to see what others are doing.....maybe you will find something that works BETTER for you.

Some of the contributing families use box curriculums. Some are "relaxed eclectic". Some have one or 2 children....some have 8. There are families that are just beginning their homeschooling journeys and a couple that have one or both parents that were homeschooled themselves! If that isn't "proof in the pudding" I don't know what is!

I always gain something from reading about the schedules of others. It always helps me to tweak mine. I laughed as I read about 2 families that didn't start their day until 10:00 a.m. That wouldn't work for us, but it reminds me that every one is different and there isn't a "wrong" way to homeschool.

As we went through our state-testing this past week I have realized that homeschooling is such a wonderful way to teach your children. Even though I see where I have went wrong with Lee (and learned from my mistakes - I hope) he did fantastic on his tests....above grade level on most things. If I made mistakes (and there were many) and he still did well, what does that say if I manage to get everything right next time? Homeschooling is such a wonderful way to interact and cement information for children. If you feel bogged down by the process or just need some fresh ideas for your school in the fall, head over to the TOS store and check out How I Homeschool. It should be available for purchase soon!

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