Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I hate change. However, our family is currently undergoing a very difficult change. It is a change that has been a couple of years in the coming and although I am hesitant to make it, my mother's heart knows that he is ready.

Lee will be going to public school next year. Tomorrow I will take him to be tested (a requirement in our district for any homeschooler entering public school). We will need to meet with the school's principal. Registration is in July. School starts Aug. 18th.

I would homeschool my children all the way through their school years and be blissfully happy. However, I am not able to provide the sports opportunities that my children (all boys) yearn for. Lee loves football so he will be playing in a junior league this fall. I think that he is also interested in playing in the concert band.

Greg and Bear will still be home with me for a few more years :) I can't bear to part with all of them yet. I think that although difficult at first, Greg will benefit by being able to develop his interests without the overbearing presence of his brother.

Lee and I have had some personality conflicts this year. I think we may be too much alike. Norman thinks that I don't like him very much, but that isn't true. I love him very much and I want the very best for him. I will always be here to help and guide him along the way. I am so proud of him and the deliberation he took to make this decision. He didn't make it lightly. He knows what he is giving up by being gone during the day but he is ready to spread his wings a little. It is time.

So, if you think of it, pray for us this summer. I am hopeful that the transition will be smooth. I am praying that we will enjoy this summer together. I am looking forward to what exciting things God has in store for us this year.


Anne Basso said...

Many prayers for you! I'm a homeschooling mom with 5 children, and one on the way. Two years ago, my oldest started the fifth grade in public school. I was pregnant, parenting, working outside the home part-time, and just couldn't take advantage of the opportunities that he needed.

Turns out, public school was a blessing. It turns out my son has a form of Autism that I didn't know enough about to catch. Because of that diagnosis I was able to catch my younger son's Autism and get him early intervention. He's improving daily and that is partly because we decided to utilize the public school system.

My girls are being educated at home, still. One is in Kindergarten and one is in first grade. Our current youngest seems pretty bright at this point and I see no reason that he shouldn't also be homeschooled.

But we do the best we can for each of our children where they are right now. And we have faith that the Lord will use them, wherever they are.

Peace to you!

Luke said...

May you continue to have wisdom and peace as you make these choices. May God give you the insights you need and the strength to follow through.