Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Testing went well. Lee tested at or above grade level for everything. I was worried for nothing. LOL I was a statistic touter for years, but let me tell you, it is different when it is your child being tested. The what-ifs just keep coming. Lee is very excited to be entering Jr. High. I am excited for him, although I will miss him dreadfully while he is gone. We drove by the school today and I am hoping for a meeting with the principal before registration. Many thanks to my commenter.....I appreciate your view and experiences.

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Anne Basso said...

My son initially didn't test above grade level, but only because he wasn't used to the way schools test. Within his first year in school they realized that everything was in fact above grade level, 3 years above in Reading, 2 years above in Math. I was so pleased that he really had learned at home with me. But I had never thought about the differences in testing before. We never did much testing because when we were doing so much work 1 on 1, I could tell that he was getting the material.