Friday, June 26, 2009


Yes, we are still alive! I finished and started some projects over the last week or so and have been cleaning/organizing and gardening so that is my excuse for not blogging.

We are getting ready to head to the garden in a few minutes. Although the weeds almost took over, we managed to thwart them and have most of our plants. We have baby zucchini and tomatoes. Dh tilled a section and we hope to get the sweet corn and green beans planted TODAY.

I finished the knitted wrap for my friend's birthday. And I finished the lone sock. And 2 baby hats (one white and one camo). I started a cowl (kinda neck wrap/hood thing), but had to restart because I got it twisted. I am having a lot of trouble not twisting 312 stitches to get them joined in the round. LOL I also cut out the pieces for a quilted purse I am making. Busy, busy!

I reorganized the kitchen school stuff. Still need to work on the living room. I am thinking of buys bookcases. We definately need some. I made myself a little reading nook in the dining room. Just a chair and a desk-turned-end-table. Put a twice folded red tablecloth on it and a pillow on the chair. Added some books to the table and it looks so relaxing. I can look out the window and just "be". What a blessing for me!

We are visiting family over the 4th. The older boys will stay at their uncle's house for another 2 weeks after we come home. I plan to reorganize/declutter/decorate their bedrooms as a suprise while they are gone. We are turning the playroom into a bedroom for Lee so they will be separate again. I think this will be for the best with Lee at public school, they both will need some alone time and will allow for different bedtimes. Bear isn't ready to join Greg yet, so he will have that room to himself for a while. LOL

I need to get the laundry on the line and head to the garden. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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