Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday School Discussion

Our Sunday School discussion was very thought provoking. We discussed the ways that we can bring the unbelievers into the church without beating them over the head with their sins, or ignoring them altogether. What is the best balance for this? Do we wait to confront their sin until they have entered the covenant with God? Do be begin preaching on their obvious sins so as to convict them before they even get to know Jesus? We are fairly certain that isn't the way, but we know that we should always be preaching/teaching the truth. Balancing the two appears to be very difficult.

I guess that my stand for the truth needs to be constant, always firm so that others can see that in me. I need to make sure that I am consistent in my beliefs, so that I will not lead others astray. I know that through Christ Jesus anything is possible, but do the unbelievers know that? Will they see how I trust Jesus and lay all my faith in Him? Will they see the love of Jesus through me? I am again reminded of the importance that my actions here on earth have for the kingdom of heaven.

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Favorite Apron said...

That discussion does sound interesting. In the Lutheran church, we believe that a person needs to hear the Law first, and be shown their need for a savior, before the hear the Gospel.
But sometimes, all we can do is invite folks to church. Be a joyful servant wherever you are in life, and be prepared to give an answer if someone asks. It's given to pastors to baptize and teach. And only the Holy Spirit can bring someone to Faith -- but we can sure plant seeds!