Tuesday, July 18, 2006

End Times and Prophecy

I have been reading on several different blogs about the end times with everything going on in Israel. I have read the whole Left Behind series, some of them twice and I absolutely believed every word until I heard Gary DeMar speak. He urges us to use the literal interpretation of the Bible when discussing prophecy and to use the surrounding text of various passages when trying to determine meaning. I urge anyone who has any questions about what is going on in Israel to go to www.AmericanVision.org and take at look at what Mr. DeMar says about prophecy. I really feel that those who believe the Left Behind theory aren't getting all the information that they should.


Ed said...

Left Behind is a theory? I thought it was just really bad fiction.

Carie said...

Yes, it is my understanding, in people that I have been talking to, that they believe in at least most, if not all of the "Left Behind" theory. I have found varying degrees of belief, but there is a large volume of people out there who believe this to be the absolute truth. The stuff that is going on with Israel is just feeding it.
Have you ever heard of Gary DeMar?