Saturday, July 15, 2006

School Supplies

Guess what!! It is school supply time :) If you haven't already decided that I am off my rocker, this might just tip the scales for you.....

I love school supplies. I love boxes of brand new, never used crayons. I love to buy the little scissors, erasers, pencils, notebooks and folders. I could spend hours in an office supply store just wandering around....but it is like a holiday during the school supply sales. I wait for these all year long.

So today, I went grocery shopping alone. I stopped at some yard sales and then the 50% off sales at KMart....not really very good sales. Then I went to Dollar General. Found 2 plastic containers to organize the van (2/$3), 2 plastic stacking containers for I don't know what ($2 each), and 2 6-pack coolers for the boys to use as lunchboxes for field trips and taekwondo ($5.50 each). I am feeling pretty good about myself so I go to the Dollar Tree. Now, my husband hates this store, because he says that I will buy anything for a dollar, which is probably true, so I try to contain myself while I am there. Instead of getting a cart, I got a little carrying basket so that I couldn't buy so much.........yeah, right....should have went with the arms where so tired by the time I got to the checkout! I was able to get thumbtacks (in a cute little container), 5 subject notebooks, an insulated lunchbag for me, an insulated water bottle holder for me, a coloring book, a book with a blank picture spot on top and lines under for a story, 2 ice pack things for the coolers, a cell phone charm (don't ask), 2 dictionaries, 2 thesaurases, and 2 small sling bags (the boys can use for their game boys at taekwondo). I guess that is all. They had a very large selection of school supplies, but I refrained for the most part because I had bought a bunch of new school supplies in May when they all went on clearance at Walgreens (hooray for new crayons!!!!!)

I am really wanting to go to a bigger town and indulge a little time at Staples or Office Depot. I think that I like August more than I like December in the stores :)

Now, you can officially have me committed.

P.S. I did finally make it to the grocery store...not nearly as exciting though.....

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