Sunday, July 23, 2006

Countdown to D-Day

Here it is, one week from the start of our school year. Everyone seems to want to know why I would start so early. There are a myriad of reasons, but mainly 1) it is too hot to do anything else and 2) we take a lot of time off during the year when dh is on vacations. So we are starting. I have most everything ready to go. I ordered the rest of our books yesterday and am anticipating their arrival. I am hoping that at least the math books will be here by then :) We definately need them.

Tomorrow, I am cleaning the house, really, really good. I need to do the final organization in the school room and clean off my little workspace back there. And we will need to leave mid-afternoon for a little shopping before Taekwondo.

Here is my sample school schedule. I am sure that it will change a little after about 2 weeks :)
M= with mom, T=together

Leland (4th grade)
8:30 Bible Lesson (T)
9:00 Character (M)
9:30 Bible reading
10:00 Latin (M)
10:30 Math-u-see drill on the computer
11:00 Math

12:00 VDB/Math drill (M)
12:15 Study Spelling
12:30 Handwriting/copywork
1:00 Writing Strands (M)
1:30 History (T)
2:00 Science (T)
2:30 Reading
3:00 Geography Center

Greg (1st grade)
8:30 Bible Lesson (T)
9:00 Bible reading
9:30 Character (M)
10:00 Math-u-see drills on the computer
10:30 Math (M)

12:00 Study Spelling
12:15 VDB/Math drill (M)
12:30 Phonics/Reading (M)
1:00 Handwriting/copywork
1:30 History (T)
2:00 Science (T)
2:30 Geography Center
3:00 Reading (M)

I hope that everyone else is having fun getting ready for school. For me getting ready is the best part!

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