Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday To-Do List

Well, today isn't really going to be a list I think. Here's the problem: Remember all that laundry I worked so hard to get hung out yesterday...because it was going to rain today? Well it rained yesterday morning, before the laundry ever got near dry. Where our new clothesline poles are set is bare dirt. So, the clothes got really, really wet most of them drug down to the dirt and got all muddy. See my problem for today? So I have to decide what clothes (mostly the towels, but maybe some others) need rewashed. And I have to see if I can get the others to dry. Outside or in...they have got to dry. What a deal.
Other than that, here is what I need to do:

  • clean the living room (declutter and vaccum)
  • find the kitchen table :)
  • fix lunch.....maybe pork chops
  • do something about laundry (see above)
  • shower and get dressed
  • last night of VBS

Have a good day everyone!

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