Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eternal Encouragement Magazine

Meet Lorrie Flem, Head Mama of Eternal Encouragment Magazine.  I'm sure you've heard me talking about her before.  See what she's reading?
And here is the newest issue (Spring 2011) of Eternal Encouragment Magazine You've heard me talk about TEACH Magazine before haven't you?  I think I mentioned that they have a new name - Eternal Encouragment.  Let me share a little of Lorrie's heart about why she changed the name.....

"It all started with a note from a friend suggesting that I think about changing the name of the magazine so that all women would realize this magazine was for them, and not just for homemakers and moms.  After much time with the Lord, He led me to understand that just like TEACH had never been about homeschooling, neither was it about homemaking.  I was drop-jaw stunned! Yet I realized it was true - of course it's true - this IS God we're talking about.  So then, what were we about?  He instantly brought my own words to me: looking more like Jesus every day.  We are a magazine all about encouraging.  Encouraging marriages and mothering, homemaking and homeschooling, child training and cooking, and all other aspects of a women's life.  In short, we are about godly encouragment!"

Doesn't that just sound wonderful?  I can't begin to express to you how much TEACH magazine and now Eternal Encouragement magazine has impacted my life.

Wednesday I had to take my dear little Sadie to have her hair done (groomed).  While I waited I went to Starbucks for a treat, sat in a comfy armchair there and soaked up the spring 2011 issue of Eternal Encouragment magazine.  Some of the articles that challenged me the most where:
  • Are You Contagious?
  • Do You Want to be Your Daughter's Best Friend?
  • No Matter What Time It is, God is Still God
  • Be a Grace Dispenser
This is just a small sampling of the current articles.  Just a little dab of the encouragement that YOU can receive in your mailbox. 

Although the encouragment has remained the same, the size has changed.  Eternal Encouragment is smaller, 5x7 ish size that fits perfectly in your purse or Bible case. I love the new size!

If you want to see what others are saying about Eternal Encouragment Magazine, head on over to the Gabby Moms and see how Lorrie has blessed other women, just like you!  When you decide that you need some of this encouragement as well, head on over to and check it out.  A one year subscription starts at $25.97 (4 issues as year). 

"I received this product for honest review from Eternal Encouragement Magazine as a part of The Gabby Moms blogging program. All opinions expressed are solely my own."


Cindy said...

Nice review, I felt as if you were in the room talking with me :)
fellow Gabby Mom

Victoria said...

I like the way you introduced Lorrie and shared why she changed the name. I'm sure this will be helpful information to those who may not know much about Lorrie or the magazine. Good job!

Beth said...

This magazine has really changed my life over the last couple of years, great review!

Michelle said...

Nice review. I'm visiting from the Gabby Moms.

God bless you!

Danielle Leigh said...

Creative introduction! I liked it.

Fellow Gabby Mom