Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Days Really Do Fly By

This morning, I dropped Lee off at his grandmother's house to dig a hole so his dad could repair an outside faucet.  As I drove off I caught sight of him walking away, taller than me (and much, much stronger), shovel and rake over his shoulder......he looked so grown up......I wonder how he got that way?

When you are chasing the babies and kissing the knees and wondering when you will ever get to take a shower alone, or sleep late, or enjoy breakfast without seems like it will never end......But it does.  One day you look up and that cute little guy has a girl on his arm, works as hard as his dad, doesn't really need you anymore (although he still lets me think he does). 

While running errands with the other 3 children this morning, I stopped at the park so that Greg and Bear could play for a bit.  Interestingly enough, Bear climbs that playground equipment like his 11 year old brother and I don't flinch......I remember chasing Lee and Greg around that playground at that age, certain that they were both going to fall to their certain demise.....eventually they both fell, but survived.  Maybe I am more lax as I get older.  You really do live and learn.  The things that freaked me out 10 years ago, don't even cause a raised eyebrow.  Bear and Greg were climbing up a curved ladder......Bear slipped and fell, catching himself with one arm, dangling maybe 10 feet in the air......Greg shuffled back and drug him up again.  I just sat in the van and watched (what could I have done anyway)........I probably don't always win the parent of the year award, but I guess I am raising children that are confident (when I'm not), courageous (when I am afraid), strong and so smart.  Probably much smarter than I ever hoped to be.

I look at little Abby and Bear and then at Lee and Greg......I know that before I blink again that they will be the ones going off to do hard work, helping with other little ones.  They will be the strong ones.  And they won't need me anymore :( 

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Victoria said...

Its hard to watch our kids grow up, isn't it? Just remember, you are doing your job if they grow up to no longer "need" you. And, even if they don't really need you, they will always love you. :-)