Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fireflies and LadyBugs

Today's science lesson was on Fireflies and LadyBeetles (Ladybugs) - because officially neither of them are bugs or flies....they are both beetles :)  There is your science lesson for the day.  Also note that I was spelling beetles like the rock group...but spell check didn't like that!  LOL

Anyway, Bear is terrified of any bugs, but especially ladybugs and fireflies.  No matter how much you explain about their good qualities, he screams whenever he sees one.  Heaven forbid they be in a herd.  LOL  But he participated and drew a fantastic rendition of a purple.  But hey, that's something anyway.  He has also been "teaching" us all about ladybugs and fireflies.  I hope he remembers some of it for his dad this evening!

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