Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walking through the Teen Years

Leland turned 13 this summer.  That statement makes me feel old and I worry about what will happen to our relationship as he gains independence and becomes his own person. 

I usually walk around town while the boys have soccer practice.  Usually I am pushing a stroller, but last night Norman kept the babies at home.  I had my ipod in my hand and was ready to go when Lee offered to go with me.  Now, walking is my time.  I zone out and have a terrible tendency to ignore the ramblings of Bear (isn't that horrible???) while I try to refocus and relax.  Last night I was going to be able to be ALONE!  And Lee wanted to go with me.  So I left my ipod in the van and we walked.  And talked.  I shared some life experiences and learned a lot about my teenage son.  I am so very glad that we were able to have that hour and I hope that he and I (Greg and I, Bear and I, Abby and I) can carve out more time over the next few years to spend some one-on-one time and get to know each other better.  Maybe the teen years won't be so bad after all..................and for the record, I am going to forever be 33 :)  So maybe getting older won't be a problem after all.  LOL

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