Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Choosing Joy

In this lifetime I will have many choices to make.  Many choices to be made every single day.  Although most of the choices I make have no bearing on my eternal life, many will impact how my day goes or how others perceive my life or how my life experience is remembered.

Some of the choices I have faced today include:
*when to get up (although for the most part, Abby did that for me)
* what to have for breakfast (don't tell WW but I had leftover pizza)
*TV news or Bible study (sadly, today I chose TV news)
*shower or just dress (I showered)
*chores or my fun stuff (I did "must do" chores and then knitting)
* lunch menu (leftovers)

You get the idea.  Out of that list, the only thing that I can see that would have eternal value was the choice NOT to have Bible study.  However, several of those choices will impact my outlook on the day - did I feel rushed because Abby got up the same time I did? How is my energy level because I chose a crummy breakfast? Am I ready to face the day since I chose a shower? Do I feel somewhat justified in my choice to do something for me (knitting time) now that I have the household running somewhat smoothly?

No matter what option I choose at each crossroads I always have the choice of JOY.  Choosing joy means that I am at peace no matter what time Abby or the clock wake me up.  I can feel JOY that I didn't have to make myself a big breakfast (or JOY that I had the time/ability/desire to make a healthy breakfast).  JOY keeps me smiling when I don't have the time to do my things.  JOY breeds patience and kindness when Bear tells me something 25 times or wants me to build the lincoln log town.....again.  JOY reminds me that having my husband home every evening is worth the 4:45 a.m. wake-up call.  Joy leads to contentment when I wish we could go out to supper, or I can sit on our "imaginary porch". 

Living a joyful life enables others to see Christ through me.  Do I lead a joyful life daily?  Unfortunately not.  I hope though, that most of my days are filled with joy.  I ask God daily to give me joy in my heart and that the joy I feel will lead others to see the joy of Christ in my life.

Sometimes it is easier not to choose joy.  Sometimes feeling joyful takes effort.  I have found though, in my life, that the little effort required to find the good in each person or situation leads to wonderful blessings in my life.  A day may go from bad to better or at least memories will be made. 

My lincoln log mayor is calling me to rebuild his town :)  So for now, I am choosing joy in playing with this little boy.....one who won't be little for very much longer.  Thank you God for the ability to live with JOY!

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