Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall is Here

I am my father's daughter.......a farmer's nothing smells more like fall to me then the smell of corn dust :)  I know, people with allergies hate me, but really, you know it is fall if the combines are running!  LOL  So, my parents shelled the corn in the field between our now I can see what they are doing and EVERYONE on the road can see what we are doing.  I hate that. 

This is day 2 of Norman on dayshift.  Yesterday was anything but normal with a bunch of emergency trips to town for my brother thrown in, but I still think everything went well.  Today is going great!  School is almost done (its 9:40) and chili is simmering in the crockpot for supper.  Laundry is almost done and the house is picked up.  I just have a few more small tasks to complete before we head to town for a library event this afternoon.  I look forward to having Lee and Norman home for supper :)

I think I may have to pack up my shorts and capris though.  I am sitting here freezing!  LOL  Have a great day everyone!!!!!

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