Friday, October 15, 2010

God is carrying Me

Remember the poem, Footprints in the Sand?  That's how I have felt the last few weeks.  Dealing with a very stressful family situation, an upcoming move along with normal kid/household stuff has really taken it's toll on me.  Some days I feel like screaming, some like crying and some like running away.  For the most part I don't do any of those and I know the only reason why is that God is carrying me.

You see, God never promised that everything would be roses, He just promised that He would be there.  I have felt God so many times in the last few answered prayers, comfort from a friend, a verse from God's word.  Sometimes the tears are comforting, as I have begun to see how past hurts from the same people have shaped issues I am still dealing with to this day.  I am beginning to see how parts of the puzzle of my life have been fitted together.  I am thankful, though, for everything  that I have been through, because all of my past has made me, ME. 

This week was particularly overwhelming for me.  So I have taken a step back and am just focusing on the normal household tasks and the kids.  The kids need me and they need me to be completely available to them, emotionally and physically.  So does my wonderful husband.  I really don't know how he has managed in this situation for so many years.  He is truly my hero :) 

So, my encouragement for the day is that you are never alone.  God is always there, watching, listening, comforting and carrying.  I am so thankful to have such a big, loving, faithful, merciful God. 

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