Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Precious Children

I love all my children equally and try very hard to be fair in all decisions, time spent with them, etc.....but I am loving this special mother-daughter relationship with Abby.  Yes, I do realize that she is only 5 months old and I anticipate that our relationship will only grow, get sweeter and be tested over time, but it sure is nice to look into her chubby, little, round face with her tongue hanging she tries to eat every magazine she can get her hands on.....and her socks.  LOL  She is a perfect snuggle bunny......all of my kids are......I just love her to pieces.

Now Bear, he is being incredibly cute lately.  My personal favorite is when you compliment him and he says "awww shucks".  It is too cute!!!

Greg caught a tame rabbit in his live trap yesterday.  That is good because the little bugger got out a few months ago and they couldn't catch it.  Lee is looking forward to his first year deer hunting with his bow. 

So much going on here as my children just keep growing.  Everything changes :)  I guess that is enough rambling for today.  It is a beautiful fall day and we have soccer games to attend.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day :)  And a wonderful week!

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