Sunday, April 05, 2009

Generations of Virtue

Teknon and the Champion Warriors

When this book showed up at my house, my husband immediately saw it and started reading it. My husband is not a reader of too many things, but he really enjoyed the book.

Teknon and his father (with the assistance of other warriors) must defeat evil while sharpening his own character and maturity. Teknon is placed in many different situations where he must make a decision. His father always takes time afterwards to point out the moral implications of what he did, good or bad. My husband found this to be a very interesting book and he read it all the way through. I think that it is definately a boy book.

Lee also read the book after his father. Lee is almost 12. From what my husband has said I probably wouldn't have let him read it, as the themes seem to be very "adult" in some situations. I encourage every parent to read it themselves and be ready to discuss what is read with your son. My husband and son had many interesting discussions based on this book! Also, Lee found the book very difficult reading. We finally slowed him down to one chapter at a time and then discussion because he was missing the hidden character training themes in the book. I will probably encourage him to read it again when he is older.

This is a book best used by father's and sons together. I also believe that twelve is almost too young to understand what is happening in the book. So definately pre-read it. Be ready to discuss it. Generations of Virtue also publish a father/son guide that is probably very beneficial.

The book is availabe for $13.99 and the set (with guides included) is available for $42.99.

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