Monday, January 28, 2008

Sick and Tired

I am sick and tired.....and sick and tired of being sick and tired. HaHa!!!! That probably wasn't near as funny as my tired brain thought it was. Oh well......

Anyway, today was a productive day even if I was sick and tired. We got homeschooling done, plus a rough draft of Lee's very first ever history report done. All but 2 of my daily housekeeping chores are done. We went to my mom's house to borrow encyclopedias for the report and she made us supper. We had a lovely visit.

Little Bear and I have the worst ends of the cold. It is just a cold but it makes a 3 month old horribly miserable. And that makes momma very miserable. I am praying that tomorrow will be a better day.

On the projects lists....I finished the 2nd baby hat. I love this little pattern and it knits up pretty quick. I started the LONE sock yesterday. I am hoping to have it done by the weekend and then I can wear it and its mate.....maybe to church Sunday. The colors on it are pretty funky.... I will have to work to make it match something subdued enough for church. Tomorrow I will be beginning the cleaning of my sewing area. My sewing area is in a corner of our master bedroom. Some of my sewing/knitting stuff is in my huge master closed (which doesn't seem so huge when it is filled with JUNK). I have alotted all of my free time this week to cleaning up the area and supplies. Then I am hoping to cut out my favorite jumper pattern in a floral corduroy on Saturday so I need to get this area cleaned up.

Thanks to my new friend Tilly I have the fantastic idea to make some new bedding for my older boys. I was wanting to update their bedrooms but finances just hadn't allowed it. I think that I will just make most of it and take care of that problem! So my mind is busy churning out ideas and plans.

I have an article on biblical submission started and saved. When my head clears up I will polish it and post it. I hope that everyone has a fantastic week!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Planning and other Happenings

My mind has been making plans. Normally that is very scary. I have yet to decide if it is this time.

I think that I have most of the plans for the garden ready. I know what seeds/plants I am ordering from Burpee and when I need to place the orders. I have the whole shebang broke down into 4 separate orders to make it easier on my budget. We are going to try okra this year! I also need to set up (and use) a gardening notebook so that I have a record of sucesses and failures. So far we have been muddling along with my memory and that just isn't working. LOL

I have a list, somewhere, of knitting projects that I want to complete by the end of the year. I hope that I haven't lost that list. (((sigh))) I got my new Knit Picks catalog yesterday and have about 4 more projects that will probably need to be added to that list. I need to start saving some yarn money. I also got my new Connecting Threads catalog. There is some fantastic fabric in there that would make a wonderful jumper (or 2 or 3). Their fabric is reasonably priced so I guess that I need to save some fabric money.

I am also thinking of making some new curtains for the living room, a tablecloth (or table quilt) for the dining room table, some placemats and maybe, just maybe quilts for my bed and the boys. I made a quilt 9 years ago for Lee (it was tied rather than quilted) and it finally gave up the ghost this year and had to be discarded (so sad). I need to get some quilts made for my boys!

I think that is all right now. My mind is just a whirring and there aren't enough hours in the day!!!!!

Here's to creative planning!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Wonderful God-Given Day

Every single day is a gift from God.

Today we had a good day. From the outside others might not see it that way. It is 5:30 p.m. and I am still in last night's jammies, but that is ok. My wardrobe doesn't indicate the happenings of a day.

I got up at 6 a.m. with Little Bear. He took his bottle while I watched the news. I am sick of the election talk already. I spoke with my mom via phone and the woke up the older boys for school. We have been starting at 7:30 with breakfast, bible reading and discussion and prayer. That has been a wonderful way to start our days. We seem to be able to maintain our focus and we all have goals. Our memory work has been much for profitable also.

The boys clean up breakfast and get themselves ready for the day. Little Bear was asleep by now and we started school. All of our school subjects have been going very well. Lee has resisted writing assignments but hopefully as he gets used to doing them there won't be so much "debate" :)

Lunch was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, rice and broccoli with cheese. Norman woke up just before lunch was ready, fed the baby, showered, dressed, ate quickly and then went to work early to get his hair cut. The older boys and I finished up schoolwork while Bear slept again. Everything seemed to be timed just right today! Then I practiced taekwondo and did housework while the boys practiced.

I got a new quilting catalog and knitting catalog that has so many fabulous projects in it. I am wanting to do so many of them and I know that there isn't new enough time! I am taking a few minutes to bop around the internet while eating some gumbo that my mom made for lunch today. She was very kind to bring me some leftovers. I love gumbo but nobody else here appreciates cajun cuisine like I do so I never make it.

We finished reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond this evening. It was a wonderful book. At first I didn't know if the boys would like it but I think that they enjoyed it more than I did. Sonlight has done a wonderful thing for our homeschool. It is such a blessing to me to see my boys with a book on the couch or hanging on my every word during storytime.

God has been so gracious to us today. May all the praise be given to Him!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I have encountered many women lately who I believe are in rebellion toward their husbands. This makes me so sad, as I was that woman 6 years ago. The difference in my life and in my marriage today is so remarkable that I want to shout it from the rooftops. However, I am frequently met with criticism and doubt. Many women don't want to believe that following their husband will help to make him a better husband. But DOES!

Seven years ago my 2nd son was born. My husband and I barely co-existed together. I despised him.....he had a terrible work ethic and was frequently out of work, refused to help around the house, etc. After the birth of my 2nd son I was fired from work and decided to stay at home with my boys. My husband agreed at least temporarily. He started a new job (the 3rd in 12 months) about 3 month later and had to do 6 weeks of training away from home. Then he was working 3 hours from home and was only able to come home 2 days a week. I had plenty of time to think about our relationship.

At the counsel of several godly women from many different sites I learned about biblical submission. At first I didn't want to believe that God wanted me to submit to my husband. He wasn't even a Christian. He made wrong decisions every day! I just knew that if I left any major decision up to him that we would be in the poor house. What good would that be for our family???? I decided (because, of course, I know better than God!) that I would submit in the small things. Token submission. That way I could feel good about obeying God's command without actually giving up control.

My husband took the little bit of leeway I gave him and ran with it. He became responsible! He started expecting that I follow his lead. Now mind you, he had no idea what I was doing (and as far as I know he still doesn't). He just began taking control of our family. At first, I fought him some and we argued a lot. I felt justified in saying that this submission thing just wasn't working. We didn't fight this much before so why should I put my family in the middle of one constant fight about EVERYTHING??? Finally I got tired of fighting and just let it go. Everything. Almost instantly our marriage improved 110%. And my husband changed some more.

My husband has held that same job all these years. He diligently goes to work and fullfills all his responsibilities there. He became a better father. He takes pride in spending time with his family rather than out with the "guys". His whole outlook on life has changed. Is he perfect? Absolutely not, but then again, neither am I. Every once in a while I feel the old me rise up and want to fight about something (usually trivial) just to get my way. God is gracious in letting me take one day at a time.

Many women I meet assure me that they should be allowed to make decisions in their marriage just as much as their husbands are. I agree. I voice my opinion (and most the time my husband asks for it) on almost everything of importance. I make many decisions in areas that my husband doesn't want to deal with. He has delegated that responsibility to me. If I have questions about anything, I take it to him and he has the final say in the matter.

I hope and pray that my boys see their dad taking the lead in our family and understand that this is the way that God made families to operate. Our family has been so blessed because I took the first very difficult step and submitted....wholeheatedly!

The most important part of a wife's biblical submission is her attitude. If you begrudgingly submit, then you might as well not. Submission needs to be done with a meek spirit, a smile on your face and joy in your heart. I ask God every day to give me that joy and if I feel that I am missing it then that is a prime indicator of my need to spend more time with Him.

I pray that you will also seek God's word and consider submitting to your husband. Submitting to God's will for your life will always lead to bountiful blessings!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick Catch-Up

It seems that I am always checking email while holding baby bear and that makes it very difficult to post to my blog. He is sleeping in his swing right now so here goes a quick update about the goings on around here!

We started school back up last Monday. It went well and the older boys adjusted to the new schedule and routine well. We are starting earlier; 7 a.m. up and breakfast and devotions. That also means that most of the time they are getting done earlier in the a.m. for lunch break. If not, at least we can get stuff done before lunch. Baby bear is adapting to not being the center of attention :)

Baby bear and Greg both have colds. This makes Bear very grouchy :) And he sleeps a lot. I find it ironic that he would be irritable when we restart school. I am learning patience!!!!

I have been keeping up with the housework pretty well, but if you miss a day it all goes downhill. I have some catchup to do tomorrow. I am usually home all day on Tuesday, but Baby bear is scheduled to have his 2 month shots tomorrow. I scheduled it for around lunch time so that it wouldn't interfere with school. I hope the shots don't make him more irritable than he already is.

I guess that is all here for now. I will try to be more diligent in posting :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Knitting Again

I have been waiting to say this for quite a while..............I am knitting again!

Somewhere along the line this summer I lost all desire to create. I guess that creating a new little life inside of me was enough! So I have been anxiously waiting for the desire to knit or sew to return and it has. With a vengence! I just finished the cutest little knitted hat for a friend of dh's whose wife is having a baby girl. I made it white with a baby pink drawstring tie along the top. It turned out so sweet!

On the sewing front.....I have a million ideas in my head that want to come OUT! I have some cordouroy for a jumper that I think I will try to get made up within the next week or so. I have made the pattern before, but I am wanting to play with it a little bit.

I wish that I could post pictures. Dh is thinking of getting us wireless internet. That would be such a blessing! Then I could post some pictures!

Creative blessings to you!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Catching Up

I am finally getting some things under control around here. Today I did quite a lot of housework and laundry. Tomorrow I will finish my housework and laundry and then I have to get a handle on school work. I have some high goals for us (me as teacher and boys as students) and I need to get a map to keep me going in the right direction. When I get that hashed out I will try to post. I have some thoughts about some things I want to write about. Hopefully soon I will be able to get everything straightened out in my mind and out onto the keyboard.

Also, I started a new exercise/weight loss/healthy eating blog HERE. I am by no means the "know all" on the subject, but I thought that sharing my struggles would keep me accountable and maybe encourage someone else.

Have a Happy Homemaking Day!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Living, Loving and Learning in 2008

Welcome 2008!!!!

We had a lovely time last night (and early this a.m.) at a friend's house bringing in the new year with our dearest friends. We had a wonderful time and are bumming around the house today recuperating.

As of today we are LIVING in 2008. I want to spend this year LOVING my family and friends. I also want to LOVE others as Jesus loves. LOVE isn't only an emotional feeling....LOVE is an action. God wants us to show LOVE to everyone we meet. That is one of my goals for 2008. We will also be LEARNING in 2008. LEARNING about God and His will for our lives. LEARNING in our school subjects, new hobbies and about those around us. We are excited to be LIVING for God, LOVING for God and LEARNING about God in 2008! I hope that you will decide to make that one of your top priorities this year as well :)

Happy New Year!!!!!!