Friday, March 09, 2012

Tot School This Week

I remembered to take pictures!

The weather outside has been wonderful!  Nice and warm :) 

Mommy playing football.  I am not a football player.  I am a football watcher.  Dh was taking pictures.  He should have been playing.  LOL

We played with bigger are Abby, Jeffrey (brother at heart), Bear and Gregory

Please take note of Abby's clothes.  I dressed her and then she fixed herself up with a couple more shirts and Bear's cowboy boots.  She wore it all proudly......

Bear has gotten really good at staying in the lines.  I think we are almost ready to start some writing exercises.

Abby loves pegs.  See her tongue sticking out?  It works better that way.  I got these from Oriental Trading Company.  We use them to build, count, sort colors.

She finally figured out how to stack them herself :)

We also played the Two by Two Matching Game from Alphabet Alley

Bear's awana verse this week was Through Him all things were made John 1:3

It's been a great week :)

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