Thursday, March 08, 2012

Recently Completed Projects

I complete projects all the time....the problem is that I rarely take pictures of them.  LOL Here are 2 such projects.

This is the window seat in the sitting room (aka, Ping Pong table room).  Abby and I love to sit here but it was kinda hard.  I had a whole bundle of coordinating fat eighths.  I cut each one into forths, mixed them up and put them all back together with a double layer of quilt batting.  I used leftovers for binding and then tied them with crochet thread.  I made 3 and they fit perfectly.  The pillow in the corner was made by my grandmother, for me, a few years ago.  Isn't it cute???  This is what you could see out the window seat window until the snow came on Sunday.  Aren't they beautiful?  I'm so ready for spring.

I made this wreath last night to replace the silver/blue winter one.  I bought the ribbon at walmart but couldn't find a wreath form anywhere local.  So I ordered one.  I didn't want one this big and I don't really like the straw but it is what it is and it is done.  I did it last night with dh's help with the hanging.

I cut the ribbon into lengths and then just tied them all the way around. 

I also finished a shawl and some dishcloths but they didn't make it to the camera this week.  I'll try again next week :)

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Mrs. Eveland said...

oh girl i LOVE that wreath! u are so super crafty!