Thursday, March 01, 2012

Project Planning and Organization

First let me tell you what I see as I sit here at the dining room table:  2 rooms over we have a ping pong table (in the sitting room of all places LOL)....currently under the ping pong table are 4 children, ages 14-22 months.  They are playing war or campout or something (I really haven't been paying attention).  It makes my heart so happy to see all these kids playing together so nicely.  I just had to share!

Now back to the topic at hand.  Project organization.  This could be ANY project but for the sake of time/space considerations lets tackle crafty type projects. 

In this new house I have a sewing room.  That should solve the problem, right.  WRONG!  I am a little ADHD, or maybe  alot ADHD.....or maybe I lost significant brain cells with the birth of each child (and extra with Abby because she was a girl).....I don't know what is wrong with me.  I have a project planning problem. 

I like to knit, sew, quilt and do other "crafty" type things (this problem also carries over into the kitchen and homeschool but lets stay on topic for now).  Here is a list of my current "wish I could do" projects:
**ribbon to make a spring wreath for the front door - but no wreath form.  So the Christmas/winter wreath is still out there
**knitted Jane Austin dress for Abby - I actually have the pattern, needles and yarn for this but not the material for the skirt
**knitted Jane Austin shrug for the above dress - I have the pattern and yarn (the yarn actually coordinates with the yarn for the dress) - NO needles
**sweater for Abby - I have yarn.  NO pattern.  No idea if I have enough yarn.  I might have needles that will work.  I will know when I decide on a pattern.  The yarn is currently living on the above mentioned ping pong table.
**sweater for Abby - I ordered a kit from Mary Maxim for an adorable cardigan sweater.  Should be here any day.  Who knows if I have the right sized needles but it should come with the yarn and pattern
**quilt for me? Abby?  - I bought 9 yards of coordinating material (in sage green/pink).  I found a pattern that I LOVE but don't have enough material for it.  Can't find another pattern that I like.  If I do, I DON'T have batting or backing material.  The material is currently living on the ping pong table.
**dresses for Abby - I have the material sitting upstairs for AT LEAST 5 dresses for Abby.  I also have 1 new dress pattern for Abby.  I can't decide what I want to make.
**I have been busy buying pattern books....lace knitting, theme knitting, quilting.  I have found a ton of things I want to make.  How am I going to keep all this straight?
**I want to make a pillow for the window seat (might have the material and pillow form)
**I want to knit a coffee cup huggie - I have some patterns, I have some yarn, I don't know if they will work together though.....
**I have the pattern for a beautiful lace shawl for me.  Don't have needles and can't decide on yarn.

Right now my sewing room, that started off fairly neat, looks like someone threw up a bunch of material/yarn and trash all over it.  The ironing board is covered with stuff I laid there earlier today.  Stuffed animals that need repair are on the floor.  Yarn is EVERYWHERE (but not really good is itchy acrylic yarn in small bits of each color.  I am thinking of donating it just so I don't have to look at it any more.  It was given to me by my mil who used to do plastic canvas).  Material is everywhere. 

I thought about small bins or boxes to put project parts in until I was ready to do them.  Like put the yarn, pattern, needles in a small box so that it was there and I could just pick it up when I am looking for something to work on and it will be ready.  Does anyone think that's a good idea?  Any other ideas?  At this point I need HELP.  Maybe an intervention.  And a professional organizer.  And a maid (so I have time to do all these wonderful projects).....and 28 hours in my day.

I am open to any and all suggestions as this is also the problem with cooking projects (I have a recipe but not ingredients or an idea but no recipe) and homeschooling stuff (I want to do a project with the kids only to find out that I don't have the stuff).  Please help!!!!!!

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Valencia said...

I personally keep all of my fabric and scraps in old containers and boxes that I repurpose. It's free and serves a new purpose. I use plastic $1 baskets with dowels slid through the sides to hold all my ribbons. I use an old bookshelf someone gave me for free to hold all other project items. I use a $1 plastic trash can to hold wrapping paper, sort of like a umbrella holder. I even reuse milk jugs and cans to hold paint brushes, small paint bottles, etc.. Just cut a hole on the side with no handle and you have a free container. If you can buy or find and old dresser, you could paint it up and have endless storage solutions inside and on top of it. Don;t forget the wall for shelf storage. Vertical space is priceless and it frees up more floor space. I hope these tips helped.